CherriHarari is a new mutually supportive, peer-to-peer creative arts network, with no patience for the ‘constructive’ criticism of arts institutions. Too often creative souls are forced into worn out conventions in order to be favourably judged by the industry and to take the under out of underrepresented. CherriHarari says;

Not anymore!

We (and that includes you) are a peer led community of young artists celebrating eclecticism, committed to creating conversations relating to all human aspects of life. CherriHarari is a space that exists to facilitate anyone to create, share, discuss, try, challenge and question anything and everything. We are taking the philosophy of anarchism - with all of its deep faith in human altruism and caring - towards institutions, pushing boundaries, starting conversations and celebrating all. Together we will reshape this heterogenous space, and create our own on our own terms from which to share our output of energy in all its forms, challenging our surroundings and those imposed upon us.

‘cause this space is ours.

CherriHarari has started its time on Earth on Instagram, but our goals extend beyond the reach of Zuckerberg. We are inviting guest artists to share whatever they want in a series of takeovers to launch our web, but are developing plans to create reading lists, mixes, workshops, events, physical and virtual exhibitions and more.